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  • 14-Insomnia

    11 März 2013 ( #Demons, #B&W )

    The harder you try, the harder she holds on to you.

  • 20-Summertime

    12 Mai 2013 ( #B&W )

    Back in march, I tried to draw some pinups in a kind of old fashioned way, how do you like it? Rose Lily Daisy

  • 29-Inconsolable Brother

    27 Oktober 2013 ( #B&W, #Music )

    So, this week, while listening one more time to Black Box Radio's debut album to get ready for the concert, the song Inconsolable Brother inspired me that drawing, how do you like it? Text is of course not mine but the bands, and if you don't know them,...

  • 17-Live it in Black and White

    15 April 2013 ( #B&W )

    I've been working on some new portraits using only plain black and white surfaces. What do you think?

  • 22-WIP

    29 Mai 2013 ( #B&W, #TSG, #Stencil )

    Hu, this weeks post is a bit late, and it's not even a real post. I'm trying something new, transforming some of the black and white work into stencils and then using them on bags, t-shirts... Let's see how it works out!

  • 19-Colorfaces

    25 April 2013

    And here comes part 2!

  • 18-Colorfaces

    23 April 2013

    And now some color pencil work. Well, some are more recognizable than others, anyway, I hope it's fine and you're not offended ;-) This is part 1, part 2 will be online tomorrow!

  • 02-music to my feet

    13 Dezember 2012 ( #Music, #B&W )

    On the retro theme, this summer I tried an other support than paper, shoes for a change!

  • 24-Tess

    19 Juni 2013 ( #B&W, #TSG )

    Well, first heat wave over here, so I guess I was in the mood for more pinup drawings! I hope you enjoy it! I also wanted to try something else so I put one of the skater girls drawings on a bag, what do you think?

  • 21-Ink

    19 Mai 2013 ( #B&W, #White rabbit, #TSG )

    The sun is back and so are shorts and sleeveless shirts, it's showtime!

  • 30-The Dark Side Of The Force

    17 November 2013 ( #B&W, #Stormtrooper, #Stencil )

    Power! Unlimited Power! So, Star Wars was once more source of inspiration. I also did a stencil of that one, so you might see a few more pics with that motiv in it (bags? t-shirts?). Stay safe my young padawans, and never underestimate the Dark Side of...

  • 03-Black Box Radio

    14 Dezember 2012 ( #Music, #B&W )

    I drew this radio a few month back as a logo for the band Black Box Radio, and recently this foldable 3D radio so now you can build your own Black Box Radio! If you don't know them, check this out http://www.black-box-radio.com/

  • 28-Sunday, holy day

    20 Oktober 2013 ( #Demons )

    Sunday morning, not so sunny. Watch out on the road, you never know... Enjoy the day!

  • 31-Riding an AT-AT

    25 November 2013 ( #B&W, #Love, #Stormtrooper )

    Now truth to be spoken, that would be kind of realy cool right? Going around on an AT-AT? Like "hey, I parked my AT outside, I hope thats ok!" hope you like it!

  • 27-Truth is...

    15 Oktober 2013 ( #Fluffy )

    I'm not dead. I've got stuff going on. I'll try to post a little bit more, I promise!

  • 23-Insomnia and Graphite Publication

    31 Mai 2013

    Hey, remember the drawings about insomnia I posted some time ago? (If not, here you go!) Well the drawings are now illustrating a very good article about sleeping disorders in the Montreal-based student-run magazine, Graphite Publications. You absolutely...

  • 16-It's chocolate time!

    31 März 2013 ( #Fluffy )

  • 32-so it ended

    09 Januar 2014

    Well, as my posting rate is realy elevated, I'm not even shure anyone is still here... Are you? Anyway, due to some little problems here that were starting to realy piss me off, I changed hoster. I'll try to be a bit more regular on the new blog, but...

  • 13-Be free and fly!

    17 Februar 2013 ( #Petit Prince, #B&W )

    take the time to relax...

  • 12-PM5544

    11 Februar 2013 ( #Music, #B&W )

    This is a project for a CD-cover for friends...

  • 26-Surf

    07 August 2013 ( #TSG, #B&W )

    Well well my little rabbits, how is your summer going on so far, everybody enjoying the sun and freedom? I hope you're all doing allright, see ya!

  • 25-Co

    01 Juli 2013 ( #B&W )

    Bon, honnêtement je ne suis pas vraiment persuadée du résultat, but it was worth a try, et j'espère que tu n'es pas trop horrifiée ;) Happy B-day anyway!

  • 15-Spring dream

    20 März 2013 ( #Petit Prince )

    looking for the sun

  • Hi!

    12 Dezember 2012 ( #B&W )

    Well, let's try that, to infinity and beyond!

  • 09-D'après Antoine...

    13 Januar 2013 ( #Petit Prince )

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